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Hi, I’m Dr Berry. I practice medicine in a rural town in Tennessee in the U.S. For over a decade, as a Family Physician, I have battled the epidemics of Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Type 2 Diabetes one patient at a time. Now I’m ready to take this battle to a larger level. Through my writing and videos I’m waging all out war against obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Learn More


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Join Us for PHD Summit 2020. In this year's first ever digital PHD Summit, we are excited to provide the community with the same top speakers, panels, groundbreaking content that brings out the best in us despite any medical condition.

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Here are some great recipe ideas to play with. I seldom crave carbs any more, but I know you might... Be creative, make these recipes your own!



A BIG THANKS to you and everyone for setting up the Summit. It was indeed full of awesome information. I’m nearly 2 years into my PHD journey. I’m 49 years old, but have really managed to turn back the clock. I’m at my ideal weight, back wearing the jeans I wore before I got married 25 years ago and feeling great. Thank you again for everything you do within the PHD space. Very best regards from across the pond.

Andy Todd, PHD Virtual Summit

My mom has Hashimoto’s disease along with many other diagnoses. Genetics are not my friend. At the age of 13 I began dealing with depression and anxiety and a terrible monthly cycle, so I was placed on birth control to “stabilize” me. Just like my mom was. After my second child, I developed postpartum depression and was started on anti-depressant medication. Just like my mom was. I was told I would have to take anti-depressants for the rest of my life, “It ran in my family’s genetics”. Another fun bonus, I was prediabetic, obese, and had been given the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I went gluten free, low fat, calorie restricted and exercised my heart out. That will fix the problem, right? No. I continued to gain weight and gain medications for increasing ailments. I went to the doctor many times, begging to have all my levels checked and rechecked… my mom’s condition always on my mind. I was told time and time again I was “In a normal range” “There’s nothing wrong with you, you just need to reduce the stress in your life” “Eat less, move more”. Being so depressed and trapped in my own brain, I never made the connection between food and health. The turning point in my journey was the birth of my last daughter. At 30 weeks 6 days (due to developing HELLP syndrome) I delivered a 2 lb 8 oz baby girl followed by a partial hysterectomy from a placenta increta (Yes really… not accreta). I bled out completely and received a full transfusion, 10 units total. (My older daughter saved my life during this time, but that’s a story for another time!) 2 and a half hours later I was finally stabilized, and my heart decided to keep beating. That’s when the real problems began. Over the next year, my weight ballooned close to 260 pounds. I was beyond depressed. I was taking 3 anti-depressants (6 pills) a day, as well as Xanax and valium “as needed”, which was at least 3 times a day. Trazodone for fibromyalgia, antacids, Zyrtec, Tylenol, Motrin and Excedrin Migraine daily. My doctor said all my blood levels were “in range” and I just needed to lower my stress, everything I would be fine. Eventually I had to change medications because the ones that I was taking were maxed out, yet they were not enough. A few months after the transition to the new meds, my less than attentive nurse practitioner asked me if I needed a break from my colicky baby. I said yes because I had not slept in weeks. She then called a 5150 (suicide watch) on me. Without explaining what it meant or talking to me about what it she intended to do, she blind-sided me and my husband. That was the moment I realized that I needed to take control of my own life and get myself healthy instead of relying on others to figure out what was wrong with me. I began to research and found the Ketogenic way of eating. My husband and I wanted to do it right, safely and with the goal of health in mind. I went keto January 14th, 2019. In 8 months, I was able to come off ALL my medications! Medicines that I’d been on for 26 YEARS. Medicines for chronic headaches, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, allergies, depression, and crippling anxiety. I was finally feeling healthy and WELL. As a happy side effect, I have lost 100 pounds while my husband is down 75 pounds. He has stopped taking antacids, naproxen, Excedrin Migraine and Tums. After a lifetime of depression and anxiety, I feel amazing. My mind is not clouded, I feel like I can breathe and process life now. I feel so grateful that I am HEALED! I only wish I had found it sooner, perhaps avoiding HELLP and a hysterectomy at the age of 34. November of 2019, our niece passed away unexpectedly. The trip was exceedingly difficult. I was more emotional than I thought I should be, so I went carnivore. Unbeknownst to me, this was the perfect timing. December 2019 my then 4-year-old (my preemie baby) was exceptionally sick. She was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with RSV (At the age of 4?! Fairly sure it was another virus that we did not have a test for at the time…). Her pulse-ox was 87% when we made it to the ER. 3 days in the PICU on 14 ml O2, 2 days on the regular floor weaning down the oxygen. The whole time we were in the hospital, not knowing what the outcome would be or how long she could be hospitalized, I WAS FINE. I was able to handle the stress and uncertainty and I fully accredit that to my diet! The day before we went home, we made an amazing discovery. She had barely been eating, so the nurses brought her goldfish to encourage her to eat. She ate a package. Within 5 minutes, her pulse-ox plummeted back below 90% and she had a massive coughing attack. The light bulb went on. Once she came back home, we got rid of all the remaining carbage in the house and we took her keto. She had nightly coughing and asthma attacks until 2 weeks after her last food item containing grains, seed oils or sugar. Since that time, she has not been sick! Keto baby number 1! My 14-year-old daughter has begun to show many of the same symptoms that both I and my mom had as teenagers. In the interest of breaking the generational curse of our genes, she too has gone Keto/Carnivore to balance her cycle, bring her emotions under control and even clear up her skin! Keto baby number 2! Keto/Carnivore has changed the life of everyone in our immediate family. Whether it was reducing symptoms of ADHD in our 8-year-old or making the 6-year-old less aggressive (Keto babies 3 and 4!), it has helped everyone of us. We will be a keto family for life. I tell everyone that will listen about the power to heal yourself and be in control of your life and health again. Many do not want to listen, but I will keep speaking to the ones that do.

The Keto Family Impact

My IBS symptoms are virtually nonexistent! (I used to be on meds for it and still was in pain daily). My lower back pain is all but gone! (I used to take at least two 800mg ibuprofen pills each day). I rarely have headaches anymore. (I used to have at least one every other week). Oh yeah, and I’ve lost nearly 54 pounds of fat and 21 inches from my body so far. I’m down 5 sizes. I’m back down to the size I was wearing my senior year in high school!! I feel empowered. I know I am stopping the familial trend of T2 D in a family where my grandma-mom-every-aunt-and-uncle have/had diabetes- I’m no longer pre-diabetic. My energy is increased. (Also… my husband is happy to say, my libido has increased!) Cravings no longer win, food is not the boss of me, and I’m POSITIVE that I’m avoiding, or at the very least, delaying dementia!! Happy to be a Patreon! Bless ya’ll for educating us!!

Julie Robertson, PHD Virtual Summit

Mr. Berry, good day. I just want to say Thanks. I retired from the Army after 23yrs just up the road @ Fort Campbell. No issues health wise all 23yrs other then some muscles here and there. After retirement about 3yrs ago I have gained weight up to (240) and become pre diabetic, high cholesterol etc. I have been watching your YouTube and following on FB since the start of 2020. I started in January what I call dirty Keto...I cheat at all it is a desert Not bread, potatoes etc. I just got my resent blood work results and it motivates me to tell you and for me to keep driving forward. Doctor says no longer pre diabetic. AC1 went 6.5 to 5.4. Other numbers (recommend range) (200)123 (150)81 (100)70 and my HDL still needs to go higher but went from 33 up to 47 (50). Also by the way almost under 200 for loss of about 40lbs. Please keep sharing the message....Jay

Jay-Ana Marie Winger, Facebook

Two Years on PHD Started as Keto, Now mostly Carnivore Cataracts disappeared Growth on lungs vanished Inflammation markers down to normal Lost 30 pounds of fat Down from a size 10 to a size 4 Maintained weight loss for over a year Off stains and beta-blocker Life is good!

Vicki Clark, PHD Virtual Summit

Hello, my name is John Coffman and I am a moderator for the Dr Berry’s page. I started my journey 26 March 26th 2018. My starting weight was 289 lbs. I have always been on the heavier side. I grew up in North Texas on a very remote area and was raised mostly on a farm/ranch. After joining the Army in 1982 I was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas. About 3 months after I got there, I found out the hard way the affects MSG would have on my body. At age 22 in great shape I was giving a heavy dose of MSG from our local steak house. About 2 hours later I was in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack.  This was the beginning of my battle. I guess you can call me a high-tech redneck as I spend a lot of time on computers and working on industrial gas plant along the Gulf Coast (mostly Texas). Currently I am 56 years old, married to an amazing woman and have many grandkids and one on the way. We live in a town of about 6K people west of Houston called Wharton. For Texas people just say I am 1.3 miles from Wharton Buc-ees. Our town was heavily flooded during Hurricane Harvey and was on the news the other day again for the 12 inches of rain in about 4 hours. Thank God we have never flood so far. My hobbies are computers, play pedal steel guitar, I am a constant learner of history, technical, musical stuff and staying UpToDate with technology. My biggest challenge is trying my best to keep up with the grand kids. As of this morning I weighed 203 lbs and about 20 lbs from the goal I set. I am about 90 percent meat heavy but do enjoy salads and great veggies. Mostly less than 20 carbs as day. At the beginning of my journey I had high blood pressure. Pain all the time in my joints. Heart burn, acid reflux, sore muscles, swelling of ankles and hands. I snored so bad my wife used ear plugs. I was a size 48 pants and struggled up and down with weight. I have a great local doctor and he and I found out I have Hypo T from radiation from my family in WW2. (Long story) Nuclear tests in the Pacific. I was taking 360mg blood pressure med and was doing my best to keep my weight down. My A1C was 5.9 and I was miserable and angry at the world. Then I found KETO videos and started my research. I can say Dr Berry was not my first videos, but others pointed me there. I started out with buttered coffee and 2 meals a day as I was already fasting from 6pm to 11 am each day anyway. Getting educated I watched every video I could find and started reading every book I could. About 2 weeks in I found my problem. I was eating very good SAD but found my true enemy. Hidden MSG and grains. Believe me that MSG is a killer. They hide it all types of foods.  Having moved to whole foods diet my life is some much better and I feel great. Since March 2018 I avoid anything that could resemble an MSG molecule. Then I purged all vegetable oils from my diet. At 30 days my pain was mostly going. At 60days I was down about 30 lbs and I could sleep much better. By 45 days my snoring had stopped, and I was feeling great.  Now at about 16 months I down to about 40 mgs of blood pressure meds a day and working on getting off them totally.  I also take 60mg of Amour for Hypo T.  I supplement with Redmon’s Salt, magnesium and potassium as needed. 10000ui of D3 and a multivitamin every other day.  Love being pain free and having all the energy to go and enjoy life. I am currently doing exercises to build muscle. I am not a gym guy so I do pushups, sit ups and work in the heat doing yard work. At 56 I can do as many pushups and sit-ups as when I we 22 in the military. My last A1C was 4.6 and daily BG average is 87 per day. I am down to a waist size of 36. I do some 24 to 36 hour fast. Normally I do the 18/6 weekday and OMAD on the weekends. I take my lunch most days but I do travel so it can be hard some days, but preplanning is key to success. I was raised with a pay it forward mentality. My goal is to get healthy and help others. I enjoy many of the Keto family videos and amazing stories. I wish I could tell you all my coworkers who are now improving their lives with the Whole Food/ Berry Keto WOE. I am blessed with my wonderful wife Anna who has weight loss surgery before we met. Over the pass 8 months she has cured her fatty liver. She is my rock and she cannot eat as much fatty meat as me she is a real trooper.  I enjoy helping as a moderator and coach to others. I have learned we are all different and all have a certain path we each must follow. Listen to your body and test your BG to find the foods that spike you. Educate yourself and be open minded. Sadly, we have been lied to but now you know the truth. Embrace it and improve your life. Stop and enjoy life. Always try to view things from another person’s viewpoint. Right for you may not be right for them. We hope to meet as many of you as we can. If we can answer your questions, please let us know. My wish is for you to be healthy and enjoy life. This is a journey not a race. Embrace it and remember it is not over until you WIN!!!! As of June 2020 I am still learning how and what affects my body. I just completed a major milestone of passing my Project Management Professional certification at 56 years old to be able to complete a 200 question test in less that 2 hours and score above average. I am a constant learner and I try to improve each day. I truly believe in this statement “EAT WELL AND BE WELL”.

John Coffman, PHD Virtual Summit