Two Years on PHD Started as Keto, Now mostly Carnivore Cataracts disappeared Growth on lungs vanished Inflammation markers down to normal Lost 30 pounds of fat Down from a size 10 to a size 4 Maintained weight loss for over a year Off stains and beta-blocker Life is good!

Vicki Clark, PHD Virtual Summit

Dear Dr. Berry, I want to Thank You with all my heart for saving my life! Your videos are life changing! I’m 59 and have Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease I started the Keto Diet you recommended two weeks ago and have already lost 8 pounds and my sugars have dropped dramatically! I’ve still got a ways to go but now have the knowledge to reach my goals thanks to you! I’M SO GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR YOU!! See my brother died at age 54 from Diabetes because he did not have this information that you have so generously shared without an agenda. So like I said you have LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE THANK YOU! THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

Julie Barnes, PHD Virtual Summit

My 85 year old mother came for a visit July 16 and ended up moving in with us due to health issues. She was immediately put on a low carb high fat diet at our house and her HbA1c went from 5.9 in June to 5.4 in September. She is no longer listed as pre-diabetic. She is reducing her atorvastatin to half a dose now, and hopefully zero over the next couple of months.

Merrie, PHD Virtual Summit

A BIG THANKS to you and everyone for setting up the Summit. It was indeed full of awesome information. I’m nearly 2 years into my PHD journey. I’m 49 years old, but have really managed to turn back the clock. I’m at my ideal weight, back wearing the jeans I wore before I got married 25 years ago and feeling great. Thank you again for everything you do within the PHD space. Very best regards from across the pond.

Andy Todd, PHD Virtual Summit

My IBS symptoms are virtually nonexistent! (I used to be on meds for it and still was in pain daily). My lower back pain is all but gone! (I used to take at least two 800mg ibuprofen pills each day). I rarely have headaches anymore. (I used to have at least one every other week). Oh yeah, and I’ve lost nearly 54 pounds of fat and 21 inches from my body so far. I’m down 5 sizes. I’m back down to the size I was wearing my senior year in high school!! I feel empowered. I know I am stopping the familial trend of T2 D in a family where my grandma-mom-every-aunt-and-uncle have/had diabetes- I’m no longer pre-diabetic. My energy is increased. (Also… my husband is happy to say, my libido has increased!) Cravings no longer win, food is not the boss of me, and I’m POSITIVE that I’m avoiding, or at the very least, delaying dementia!! Happy to be a Patreon! Bless ya’ll for educating us!!

Julie Robertson, PHD Virtual Summit

I am 73 years old and I began my Keto journey in December of 2018. Through my journey I reversed 40 years of pre-diabetes, decreased arthritis, I no longer have an enlarged prostate. I’ve lost 34 pounds in just 3 months, equaling a loss of 8 inches in my waist, and reversed a verified fatty liver. I am now considering a Carnivore way of living. I am fully in on hflc. Your YouTube helped me understand that what I always felt was not wrong.

Anonymous, PHD Virtual Summit

Dr. Berry.... Hello from 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada.
Wow..where to start. 53 years old and have been fat my whole life. Was always very active in Hockey, Lacrosse and rugby, more often than not Captain of the teams I played on, but still was always matter how little I ate, how many weights I lifted or how far I jogged. Tried so many diets to no lasting results....pretty much gave up trying around 35years old.
Started Keto around Feb of this year and have had amazing results...over 55 pounds so far !!  Still have to a double take when I see myself in the reflection of a store window when I walk
I had knee surgery (Meniscus)  about 1.5 years ago and developed a blood clot.
First thing docs here said was “Statin”. After doing much research, including your vids, decided that I would change my life to avoid the Statins. Went Keto in Feb and have had excellent results. The problem is that my Doctors, in no uncertain terms, stated they would not assist in such a dangerous undertaking, stating the Statin was the only way. Went  in to Docs office 5 months later for results of blood test and the expression on his face was priceless...until when he asked how and I stated Keto. Shaking his head he said that I was putting myself in danger. I don’t remember the numbers but  his own words were “amazing changes”....except LDL, which I’m learning is okay. He  stated once again for me to go on Statins. Told him “No”.
All my friends thought I was crazy. 5 months later by best friend asked who best to explain modern diet and the problems with it I referred him to Yourself and a few others. From “your crazy” to “how did you do that ?”
Once again thank you  for helping so many people out there with the truth. I will always be indebted to you for the unbelievable changes in my life ! Not just the weight. Ie: Anxiety pretty much gone, no BO...sounds weird but don’t need to use deodorant anymore, hemmeroids GONE, many aches and pains in joints so much better, bloating and gas a thing of the past. The most amazing change is my energy levels..always lots of energy and it stays constant through the day...many others but I’m sure your busy and this isn’t a
Simply...Thank you!
May your God bless You, Neisha and your family.


Mr. Berry, good day. I just want to say Thanks. I retired from the Army after 23yrs just up the road @ Fort Campbell. No issues health wise all 23yrs other then some muscles here and there. After retirement about 3yrs ago I have gained weight up to (240) and become pre diabetic, high cholesterol etc. I have been watching your YouTube and following on FB since the start of 2020. I started in January what I call dirty Keto...I cheat at all it is a desert Not bread, potatoes etc. I just got my resent blood work results and it motivates me to tell you and for me to keep driving forward. Doctor says no longer pre diabetic. AC1 went 6.5 to 5.4. Other numbers (recommend range) (200)123 (150)81 (100)70 and my HDL still needs to go higher but went from 33 up to 47 (50). Also by the way almost under 200 for loss of about 40lbs. Please keep sharing the message....Jay

Jay-Ana Marie Winger, Facebook

Dear Dr. Berry Thank you for all the wonderful information you have shared with us, I love your courage and wisdom. I come from a native culture that believes that we should eat on a daily basis: Corn, Beans, Squash and Chiles. These are considered the Sacred Foods that give us life. But as I go about my circle of friends and family it has become very clear that we have learned a lot of bad habits when it comes to nutrition and a more healthy life style. The end results has been an epidemic of Diabetes and Heart Disease. Dr Berry you have helped me tremendously as I have shed over 65 lbs in just over 14 months and my AFIB condition has improved. Thank you again.

Lalo Franco, Youtube

Congratulations, Dr. Berry. Well done! If you have had a feeling that you weren't necessarily getting the best medical advice from your MD, this book will explain why! Although I was familiar with almost all of these medical myths due to my own personal awakening several years ago, it was so exhilarating to see them listed and organized in such a fashion. This book is self-published! Which, to me, means that it is not adulterated by a publisher's wishes to water down the message and/or be politically correct in it's presentation. Dr. Berry pulls no punches and it shows in the hard-hitting information presented here. If you see an MD, then you need to read this book! Dr. Berry has asked his readers to alert him to any typos or poor grammar and to suggest any other "lies" to him for his next book. I'm going to do this as soon as I publish this review. Good for you, Dr. Berry. I'm very much looking forward to your next book!

Steve, Amazon Book Review