Mr. Berry, good day. I just want to say Thanks. I retired from the Army after 23yrs just up the road @ Fort Campbell. No issues health wise all 23yrs other then some muscles here and there. After retirement about 3yrs ago I have gained weight up to (240) and become pre diabetic, high cholesterol etc. I have been watching your YouTube and following on FB since the start of 2020. I started in January what I call dirty Keto...I cheat at all it is a desert Not bread, potatoes etc. I just got my resent blood work results and it motivates me to tell you and for me to keep driving forward. Doctor says no longer pre diabetic. AC1 went 6.5 to 5.4. Other numbers (recommend range) (200)123 (150)81 (100)70 and my HDL still needs to go higher but went from 33 up to 47 (50). Also by the way almost under 200 for loss of about 40lbs. Please keep sharing the message....Jay

Jay-Ana Marie Winger, Facebook

Dear Dr. Berry Thank you for all the wonderful information you have shared with us, I love your courage and wisdom. I come from a native culture that believes that we should eat on a daily basis: Corn, Beans, Squash and Chiles. These are considered the Sacred Foods that give us life. But as I go about my circle of friends and family it has become very clear that we have learned a lot of bad habits when it comes to nutrition and a more healthy life style. The end results has been an epidemic of Diabetes and Heart Disease. Dr Berry you have helped me tremendously as I have shed over 65 lbs in just over 14 months and my AFIB condition has improved. Thank you again.

Lalo Franco, Youtube

Congratulations, Dr. Berry. Well done! If you have had a feeling that you weren't necessarily getting the best medical advice from your MD, this book will explain why! Although I was familiar with almost all of these medical myths due to my own personal awakening several years ago, it was so exhilarating to see them listed and organized in such a fashion. This book is self-published! Which, to me, means that it is not adulterated by a publisher's wishes to water down the message and/or be politically correct in it's presentation. Dr. Berry pulls no punches and it shows in the hard-hitting information presented here. If you see an MD, then you need to read this book! Dr. Berry has asked his readers to alert him to any typos or poor grammar and to suggest any other "lies" to him for his next book. I'm going to do this as soon as I publish this review. Good for you, Dr. Berry. I'm very much looking forward to your next book!

Steve, Amazon Book Review

So many ah ha moments while reading this unbiased strait forward no BS book that everyone should read. He tries hard not to vilify doctors, but explains how it's difficult for any person to keep up with all of the latest medical research while also seeing patients, running a practice, and just generally trying to live life. I also am deeply suspicious of government, medications and the doctors who prescribe them willy-nilly. I wholeheartedly believe in the paleo/low carb way of eating and believe the SAD is a huge part of today's medical problems, so he didn't have to try hard to sell me on that. Dr. Berry presents facts that disprove long standing Medical Myths. He doesn't mince words and gets to the point in a informative and engaging manner. I highly recommend this book.

Vincent, Amazon Book Review

I started Keto 2 yrs ago. I have now been Carnivore since November. I feel way better without the veg and dairy. I have PCOS and have learned thru my weight loss journey that I can not have carbs with PCOS. I was morbidly obese when I started. Keto worked to drop a lot of weight because I was all of a sudden eating so healthy but then when my body got used to the way I was eating my digestive issues started again and I started gaining weight again. As soon as I started Carnivore weight loss started back up and digestive problems went away and I am almost off my high blood pressure meds now. I always had thought red meat didn't agree with me and have now learned that it was always the veg I was eating on the side, not the meat. I have lost a total of 176 lbs as of today and still losing. Your videos are amazing and have taught me so much and helped me get where I am today. Thank you so much!!

Dani, YouTube

I have chronic back pain for about two years (L5/S1 bulge), started going Keto about 10 days ago (recent blood work, A1c -6.0, Glucose 123). Based on your eating Keto guidelines I have lost 12 lbs and my back pain has lessened greatly (I can put my socks on pain free!) I play a lot of golf and do HIIT on my Bowflex M7 , so I do stress the back. I was going to have a steroid epidural, but I think I will hold off on that. Maybe I will be able to start running again which I miss a lot. Thank you Dr. Berry!!

Bill Davidson, YouTube

In simple language, Dr. Ken fills us in on how the medical system has gotten to the point that it is in today, where doctors are taught mostly to treat disease and illness, but are not taught how to help their patients stay healthy. He tells us of many of the lies we are told that many doctors don't even know are lies! He goes on to tell us how we can do a better job of of taking care of ourselves, and prevent disease, but not necessarily by following the same rules that doctors would tell us to follow. Very non-technical, but he encourages us to research for ourselves how to stay healthy and provides us with resources that we can read or study. There are a few typos, but not enough to detract from the important information that he is presenting. All in all, a very good read!

S. Williams, Amazon Book Review

I was introduced to Dr Berry by a dear friend. Let me just say his no nonsense approach to healthcare has allowed me to lose 115lbs in 13 months. He lets you know it’s ok to question your doctor’s medical decisions for your health and your life. He encourages open conversations about health and nutrition. You can’t believe everything you hear or read from the MSM. I recommend you buy his book AND follow his YouTube and Facebook page. There is lots of info in all of these places. I have now found a local keto friendly doctor who has helped me on my journey and my husband and dropped his A1C an entire point in 5 months and lost 35lbs. My daughter has lost 52! Thanks Dr Berry for changing my family for the better!

BtoomBS80, Amazon Book Review

My twin sons are 38 yrs old and I do carnivore because they have diverticulitis and it seems to be the only thing that gives them relief . . They researched it before trying it and I believed it saved them from so much pain and discomfort. When they try to skip carnivore and eat other things they get very sick sometimes ending up in the hospital! I also switched to mostly carnivore with some veggies and I have lost 20lbs and still losing ... I am 60 yrs old and I feel fantastic!! I was prediabetic, over weight and have hypothyroidism despite exercising and could not lose my belly fat. I started intermittent fasting and carnivore/ keto.. I have so much energy now since I started October 2019 and I have lost 11 inch off of my waist! Do your research and find out what works for you.. when I ate less red meat I was hungry all the time seems like I could never get full.. eating this way changed my life! Thank you! God bless!!

Ramona Earnest, YouTube

Dr. Berry's approach in the book is pretty much how he relates to his viewers in his videos on his YouTube Channel. His direct, honest, and humorous approach of explaining misconceptions, false information, and the lack of transparency by those in the medical world (or by those who are just plain ill-informed) comes through in each chapter. His intent is very plain throughout the book – he is not trying to throw the medical community under the bus – not at all! But rather his purpose is to inform and educate the public as well as to challenge the medical community. Emphasizing that our trusted physicians must stay up to date with the latest research, studies, and ongoing education – both in their fields and outside of their field of expertise – is something which Dr. Berry does very respectfully. He wants patients to have very open, honest, and good working relationships with their doctors. I highly recommend his new and updated book!

CindyM, Amazon Book Review