Buffalo Wings

My personal favorite. If you have a fry daddy these will be super simple for you. Make sure you are using a keto oil like lard or avocado oil to fry these boys in. We usually let them cook for about 15 min but make sure you are getting them done. Here I have made myself a salad of sorts. If you know me at all you know I eat more veggies than most people think is ok. Ken doesn’t eat them at all. My body does well and I continue to loose weight and feel my best. I don’t eat them everyday. Most days I don’t eat any veggies. I don’t count macros either. What I do is mostly stay away from carbs unless they are veggie carbs. If it comes with a label and has carbs I will look at how many per serving. If it’s above 2g per servings I’m out. Otherwise I do measure my serving size so I don’t go overboard.